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The BL Games we feature on our site are coming with the most intense and adorable gay love game stories on the web.


There are so many gay porn sites out there, but most of them are focused on pure kink and sexuality. But we’re bringing you something different. We know that some of our players want more than just dirty action. Some of our players are also interested in the plot of a game. They want well contoured characters with personality and a connection between them. If you’re one of those players, then you will love playing our BL games online. We’ve put together this category by playing thousands of games all over the internet. Then we selected the very best ones and we featured them in this selection. And you can play all of them right now, no matter if you’re using a computer or a mobile device. These games are all coming to you free on a site where you don’t have to register. All our games are steaming with romance and lust. We offer you BL games online with stories that are going to take you in the realm of love, where every desire is pleased with passion and dedication. Our games are so immersive that you will start thinking you’re one of the characters in them. The fact that all our games are new and incredible realistic will help a lot with your immersion in the virtual world. We feature new games which were developed using the new HTML5 graphics. Learn more details about our collection in the following paragraphs.

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One of the worst things that can happen to you is finding a great sounding game, getting all horny for it and when you start playing it, it just crushes because it wasn’t adapted for the device and browser that you use. But that doesn’t happen with the collection that we are offering. When we selected all these BL games PC compatible, we made sure that they work on Mac and on both Android and iOS. Basically, if you can run one of the big browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you will be able to play all these browser-based games. Besides the fact that the games are compatible with many platforms, we also offer them on a well designed and up to date platform. All our titles will load up almost instantly. On top of that, your gameplay experience won’t be interrupted by any kind of advertisement, buffering or crushes. We invested in a great and well-designed site and we bought proper hosting for our servers, so that our players will have the most user-friendly experience no matter what device they use. On top of that, we are offering you the guarantee that the time spent on our site will be 100% secure. We use a double ended encrypted connection and we don’t store data about our players.


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What we love about the BL games is the fact that they are suitable for both men and women. Most of the times, the xxx games are for the men, especially in the gay niche. But with the BL genre, because of all the intense romance stories that are going on between characters, the games are also perfect for the girls who are into boy on boy love. The BL Otome games are titles that are especially created for the ladies. Not only that, but most of the stories of these games were actually written by the ladies, and we have a couple of games which were created by an all-female team of developers. So, if you’re a lady reading this, make sure to check out the titles in our collection. We’re sure that just about any of our games will appeal to your fantasies. And don’t worry about not understanding the plot. Although all our games were created by Japanese studios, these are English BL games. We only feature games in which the dialogue and the instructions are in English. We found some hot Japanese games and we asked the developers to create an English voiceover for us, so that we could offer it to an international audience. And you need the English dub and sub with these games because some of them are worthy to be called visual novels. But our English BL games are offering you more than what a classic visual novel is offering. Besides immersing you into the story, you will also get to control the most intense sex scenes yourself!