GayPornGames is the #1 game in the porn game community. We are a free to play browser-based gay simulator game where you are able to choose and create your own partners who are down for anything. Play alone or with some of the thousands of online players in the endless scenearios and settings you create for yourself.

Yup, GayPornGames is a free to play game.

Since we are an adult game we legally have to make sure everyone who signs up is of legal age. Enterting your credit card helps us verify your age and keeps everyone safe!

Yup! We have now made playing with other people easier than ever! Once you enter Multiplayer Mode you will see who's online and what games are open and its all up to you from there.

As long as you have access to an internet browser you will be good to go from any device anywhere!

Yes, since our game is a browser-based game you will need internet connection to play. There are no offline options at this moment.

Yup! As stated above, as long as you have an internet connection and have access to an internet browser you can play on any amount of devices.

Of course! We will only keep your email address, username and password on record. Your gameplay and information will always remain safe, secure, and discreet.

Nope! As a browser-based game you will never need to install anything! Beware of any sites that say differently!

Unfortunately, As of right now the only language our game comes in is English. Fear not, we are currently working on adding other supported languages so check back soon for those updates!